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Planet Amber – original jewellery

Well known jewellery shop in the city center with a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, Czech garnet, amber, moldavite, coral and Bohemian crystal.

We provide custom manufacturing of jewellery. We offer engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, brooches, as well as complete sets of jewellery and of course, men’s jewellery and ornaments. We belong to shops with the widest range of jewellery made of Czech garnet, amber and moldavite. Besides jewellery you can buy valuable home furnishings like Fabergé artwork.

Czech garnet

Czech garnet is found only in the Czech Republic and thanks to its distinctive red color occupies a unique position among other natural stones. For its saturated color is the Czech garnet as the mineral very popular and well-known around the world. Usually Czech almandine garnet is combined with moldavite. Czech garnet traditionally has been enriching to silver, which is softer than gold and is suitable as a hard, but brittle garnet better. Bohemian garnet jewellery is made by hand, their quality is very high and timeless value.


Amber is fossilized resin of prehistoric pine trees, which can be dated to 90 mil. years. Most amber deposits are found in the Baltic Sea and this amber is among the best and most expensive in the world. Other large deposits are found in Denmark, Poland, Germany and Colombia.

Amber may contain insects, plant parts, seeds, small stones or dust – anything what the resin oozing from the tree certainly picked up. The usual color is golden amber, honey, amber, but can also be green or even black. Natural amber has an uneven shape which can be maintained, but it can also abrade.

Amber has very powerful healing properties and wearing their bodies encouraging them to heal itself.


Moldavites arose when a large meteorite impact on Earth of 15 mil. years ago. Moldavites have unique properties as e.g. deep green color, and the purity of the original surface structure.It also contained cosmic energy, so in addition to the jewellery used in medicine – energize, relieve headaches, fatigue and malaise. Moldavites in precious metals usually advocated in the natural state, or can be machined engraving technique.



Království jantarových šperků

Království jantarových šperků

Váš zásnubní či snubní prsten by měl být stejně originální a nevšední, jako váš svatební den.


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